Access Control & Temperature Screening Made Easy with Scan-Post by Barcom, Inc.

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Barcom, Inc., a Solutions Partner of Global Automation and Identification Group, has released Scan-Post.

Scan-Post offers fast and accurate remote thermal temperature measurement using binocular infrared camera technology.  This complete solution is fully customizable for employee and visitor screening, contact tracing, facial recognition and more. An optional label printer provides immediate confirmation of access approval.

Scan-Post is a facial recognition and temperature sensing device to manage access control, time & attendance, and contact tracing for a safer, more secure environment.

Quickly and safely measure the body temperature of employees, visitors, students, customers or others entering your facility in order to determine if further symptom checks are needed. 

Scan-Post detects when a user is in range of the device (within 1.5 meters or 5 feet), and scans in 0.2 seconds, providing accurate temperature sensing, facial recognition, and mask detection without personnel to manage it.

With temperature accuracy within plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius or 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit , Scan-Post provides the reliability you need to keep employees and customers safe.

When temperature results are within range, a green bar illuminates with the user’s temperature on the screen. A temperature reading outside the normal range results in a red bar illuminating, an audible alarm, and an email alert to designated personnel, if required.

There are many benefits of implementing Scan-Post in your facility.

  • Scan-Post doesn’t require staffing; this helps minimize contact with others and allows employees to focus on other business priorities.
  • Fast, accurate temperature screening of a single user in just 0.2 seconds means individuals move through quickly; allowing your main entry, visitor lobby or employee entrance to remain clear of congestion. 
  • Calibration to World Health Organization recommended body temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius or 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit helps to identify employees or visitors who may be showing early signs of fever. 
  • Facial recognition feature allows images to be saved to a database; when employees or registered visitors arrive, Scan-Post will search the database and acknowledge approved employee or visitor permissions to keep your building safe and secure.
  • Where masks are required, Scan-Post detects individuals wearing a mask and reminds those without a mask to put their mask on before entry.  Mask detection means individuals do not have to remove their mask to gain entry.

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