CCL Design Authentication is now a GlobalAutoID Member

East Kilbride, UK and Hackberry, AZ, USA, April 3, 2022 – CCL Design Authentication and Global Automation & Identification Group (GlobalAutoID) announced today that CCL Design Authentication has become a GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner.

CCL Design Authentication is a specialist security solution integrator, offering unique security designs and features, to help brand owners protect against counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation. It is a specialist team of Brand Protection experts within CCL Design, part of CCL Industries, the largest label company in the world. CCL Design specializes in a wide range of products including labels, die-cut components, branding products and security applications.

GlobalAutoID’s Solutions Partners is a collection of components and applications companies that provide best-in-class equipment and materials, as well as innovative solutions, to direct customers, resellers, and systems integrators for automotive, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and consumer goods manufacturing and distribution.  GlobalAutoID promotes and educates on how their Solutions Partners’ product and service offerings work together to deliver comprehensive solutions for clients’ unique needs.

With CCL Design Authentication’s inclusion as a Solutions Partner, GlobalAutoID will evangelize manufacturing, distribution, and other solutions where successful counterfeiting and illicit trade countermeasures are required.

Christine Lancaster, Global Brand Protection Director, CCL Design, commented, 

“We are delighted to become a Solutions Partner with GlobalAutoID to provide expertise in product authentication and supply chain management. With our global reach & security print capability, we are a natural fit with the existing Solutions Partners to offer traceability, anti-counterfeit & product diversion solutions. We are looking forward to building this partnership to achieve our common goal, to keep companies; brands and their customers safe”.

Referring to CCL Design Authentication, Michael Cizek, Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Global Automation & Identification Group, said, “Brand protection is an issue that affects everyone. It is certainly a major focus for our group. With CCL Design Authentication joining Global Auto ID, along with our partner iTRACE Technologies, we will be able to provide the most current and effective solutions to the problem of counterfeit and diverted products. Counterfeit products cost legitimate brand owners over $2 Trillion per year in lost revenue. We are proud that CCL Design Authentication has selected Global Automation and Identification Group as a partner.”

Before becoming a Solutions Partner, CCL Design Authentication was already working with iTrace Technologies, another GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner, incorporating iTrace’s 2DMI track and trace application and secure markings into global supply chain management solutions.

About CCL Design

CCL Design is the World’s leading manufacturer of printed, decorative and functional products for the Automotive, Electronics and Industrial Markets. It’s global manufacturing capabilities incorporate secure facilities that enable the delivery of products with multiple authentication layers from highly controlled environments.

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