In-Vitro Diagnostics & Lab Automation

It is not without reason that the safety requirements for in-vitro diagnostics are extremely high: this lab work involves human samples. Extremely strict specifications apply here and there is no tolerance for error.

Pre-Analytic Instruments

To ensure the sample integrity, as well as for hygiene and safety reasons, automatic sample distributors are used increasingly in the preparation for analysis. These ensure the reliable and fast preparation and assignment of the chaotically delivered samples, independent of the number of samples and, above all, avoid cross contamination.

IVD Analyzers

Modern analysis procedures for examining fluids or tissue are now highly automated, thereby allowing processes to be performed very efficiently and safely. Zero tolerance is essential here both during the handling as well as during the assignment of the samples to respective patient.

Automation Modules

For complex analyses, samples need to be transported between various machines. This networking of the analyzers is increasingly being performed with the use of mini, compact conveying belts and handling robots. The individual samples must be moved quickly, safely and reliably and must also be detected and assigned without error. Furthermore, gapless traceability of the sampling path must be ensured


In addition to these issues, there is also the requirement for traceability through the storage process, which may involve temperatures of -80 degrees. In order to assure that all of processes are controlled and tracked, state of the art sensor technology is a necessity.