Barcom not only provides hardware solutions for fast-paced industrial applications, but also develops their own transaction-based software that helps their customers automate operations to eliminate the need for paper-based processes.

Benefits of a Wireless (RF) Site Survey

Are the number of mobile device users in your facility increasing? Are you noticing a decrease in performance from your wireless network? Consider a site RF survey to iron out the…
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Cleaning Tips for Handheld Devices

With folks getting back to the office, remember to disinfect shared equipment. Aside from standard office equipment, special care should be taken to disinfect mobile…
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Watch and Comply

Tired of non-compliance fees due to unreadable barcodes? The Honeywell PX940 automatically voids and reprints when printed labels don’t meet standards. 
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Open for Business

In this week’s e-mail & audiocast, we check-in with three of our solutions partners and learn how they’re operating during the global health crisis.
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