Introducing our Solutions Partner, MASS Group

Global Automation and Identification Group is proud to announce that MASS Group has joined our family of valued solutions partners.

In 1998, MASS Group set out to be the first company to build and distribute a truly pure web based Resource Management System that offers features that are normally found on heavily loaded applications. They have achieved their goal as evidenced by their extensive list of premier customers. Traceability Made Easy (TME) continues to grow as a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Management Systems.

Industries they serve include Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Metal Fabrication, Food/Beverage, Electronics, Semi-conductor, and Government/Public Sector.

Software solutions include Manufacturing Execution Systems, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Enterprise Management, RFID Asset Tracking, and Quality Control Systems.

In conjunction with other GlobalAutoID partners, such as Barcom Inc, MASS Group provides System Planning, Design and Integration, Software Applications Development, Project Management Support, Support and Maintenance, Hardware Configuration and Installation.

Stay tuned for more about MASS Group. To learn more about all of our Solutions Partners, and to learn how your company may join GlobalAutoID as a Solutions Partner, click here.