For over 10 years, iTRACE Technologies has been the leading provider of fingerprint/Unique Identity (UID) solutions for cost-effectively guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of products with secure track and trace.

About 2DMI®

iTRACE Technologies’ patented secure authentication solution enables our customers to protect their brands from all forms of counterfeiting, including fraud, theft, liability damages, diversion, substitution, tampering, overruns, replacement/repair fraud, and return fraud.  The Blockchain integration allows you to create a permanent record of every transaction, connecting your product securely to the Blockchain, not just the packaging or label.

About Mark Manning

Founder & CEO, iTRACE Technologies

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  • Serial Entrepreneur and Founder Institute Mentor/Director
  • 12 years of brand protection & product security experience
  • Tech startup execution expert
  • Experience in Operations, Product Management and Software Development

Mark is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, having started or been involved in founding multiple companies over the past 20 years. Mark was the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of DODOcase, Inc., a manufacturer of hand crafted cases for Apple’s iPad and other tablet devices, where he was instrumental in growing the business from 3 people to over 30 people and developing a 10,000 sq. ft. San Francisco based manufacturing facility. Mark earned an HNC in Engineering and Telecommunications from STC in London, England, and graduated from the Silicon Valley Founder Institute in 2010, where he continues to mentor other start-up entrepreneurs. Mark currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, and outside of the office Mark’s passions include motorsports and competitive cycling.

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