Looking for Honeywell Mobile Products?
Where you buy matters.

Get more than just a Honeywell product when you buy from Barcom.

Setup and Development Services

By choosing Barcom for your device purchase, you gain access to their skilled in-house technicians who seamlessly integrate with your IT team. Whether it’s pre-configuring your device prior to delivery or providing remote setup support, they are dedicated to making your device deployment hassle-free.

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Maintenance Packages

With Barcom’s maintenance service program, you can ensure business continuity, reduce worker downtime, and protect your technology in case of equipment failure.

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…and much more

Customers get way more than just Honeywell products at competitive prices when they buy from Barcom.  30 years in business and the experience and know-how gained in those years are available for customers to leverage: software development, management programs, consulting, and other services – whatever a customer needs in order to successfully integrate their Honeywell products into their operation.