Fluorescence is the property of some substances that emit light when they absorb radiation, which is usually invisible. The radiation is absorbed at a specific wavelength and then re-emitted at a longer wavelength. This phenomenon reveals glue, ink, coatings or any materials with UV optical brighteners. 

PURE UV provides 100% UV illumination, enhancing the fluorescence effect by removing glare and improving contrast, as well as increasing inspection reliability over longer working distances. 

Without PURE UV

Consider PURE UV’s in these and other applications: 

  • Adhesive inspection 
  • Grease inspection 
  • Invisible UV inks 
  • Marking and ID with 2D data matrix code recognition 
  • Packaging & safety seal inspection 
  • Security & anti-counterfeit inspection, including credit cards, bank notes, and passport stamps 
  • Inspection of paints, plastics, and dyes 
  • Microscopy 

Effilux offers a wide range of UV lights, from 365nm to 405nm, and accessories in UV wavelengths for machine vision applications. Matched with PURE UV, it is the most optimal solution for complicated UV applications. 

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