The Top Five Business Reasons to Use Solutions from iTRACE Technologies

Reason #1: Grey Market Protection 

Preventing grey market and diversion allows your retailers to maintain their margins and prevents price erosion across regions. By cutting off the grey market supply before it gets online, policing and promoting your online presence is simpler and more effective. 

Reason #2: Anti-Counterfeiting 

Identifying and removing counterfeit products from distribution protects your brand image and value, recaptures lost revenues, and prevents liability claims and loss from the failures of counterfeit products. 

Reason #3: Returns Validation 

Preventing false warranty returns from counterfeit, used or grey market products allows you to reduce your support costs, keep bad product out of the customer environment, and improve the reliability of your systems. 

Reason #4: OEM Production Control 

Product overrun and third shift issues at OEM manufacturers mean that your market could be flooded with “genuine” product, made at the same factory and using the same parts as your brand. Identifying and eliminating unauthorized product from distribution allows for recapture of lost revenue and reduced support costs. 

Reason #5: Prosecution of Violators 

Being able to uniquely identify and track each individual product or component anywhere in the world provides real evidence which your legal team can use to cut off and shut down illegitimate vendors and operations. Recapture lost revenue, reduce support costs, and reduce liability from out-of-use and counterfeit products. 

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