Traceability 101: Panel Discussion on Track & Trace

Global Automation & Identification Group proudly presents Traceability 101, a panel discussion that introduces the fundamentals behind successful track and trace processes, describes methods and solutions, and educates on the importance of track and trace in all types and levels of business and the public sector.

The panel discussion was sponsored by GlobalAutoID Premier Member, Barcom, Inc.

Panel participants include representatives from iTrace Technologies, MECCO, High-Mark Systems, and Zebra Technologies

Discussion Panel Topics

03:15 — Traceability is where, when, how
05:18 — Successful traceability initiatives
06:27 — Improved distribution, returns, and recalls
07:58 — Anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion
11:16 — Item, package, and process verification
16:20 — Traceability and environmental sensing
18:58 — Traceability and sustainability
19:53 — Industries most at-need
24:35 — Starting a traceability program or initiative
30:41 — Closing comments

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