Barcom, ZEBRA, and Product Quality

Traceability is not only about tracking products or components through the manufacturing and subsequent supply chain operation, it also includes ensuring product quality. In an automated environment, this is only achieved using machine vision.

Barcom Inc, a Global Automation and Identification Group Premier Member, and a ZEBRA Partner, are experts in traceability solutions including advanced machine vision. With over 30 years of experience, Barcom has the resources to design, install, and support the most demanding traceability and inspection applications.

Barcom provides and advises on ZEBRA’s family of Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems. Whether your Track and Trace requirements involve simple capture of barcodes on package labels or complex capture of printed or Direct Part Marked (DPM) 1D and 2D symbols of varying sizes on a variety of substrates at varying distances and varying speeds, there is an FS model to meet your needs.

In order to ensure product quality, timely inspection during the production process is critical. Whether you need to determine simple absence or presence, or accomplish complex defect detection, make measurements, or ensure correct alignment, ZEBRA has the right machine vision system to meet your needs. As with the FS models, the VS systems are all upgrade-able to keep up with your growing needs. You invest in the features you need today and then upgrade to the features you need tomorrow.

Along with ZEBRA’s first-in-class hardware solutions, ZEBRA Aurora™ software is the one single platform to manage the entire FS and VS family.  Aurora is easy to set up, easy to deploy, and easy to run. The highly intuitive interface makes it easy for first time users to navigate.

Whether your scanning or machine vision requirements are simple or complex there is a ZEBRA solution available, and Barcom will help you decide.

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