Introducing EFFILUX

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An accepted fact regarding vision applications is that proper lighting is a major consideration. Whether the requirement is data acquisition, product inspection or measurement, the correct lighting configuration is critical to success.

CCS, a Solutions Partner with GlobalAutoID, is a world leader in state-of-the-art lighting solutions. In 2018, their impressive portfolio became even more so with the acquisition of EFFILUX.  EFFILUX is a company based in France that was founded in 2009 by experts in lighting, optics and photonics solutions for the machine vision industry.

EFFILUX products are known for their flexibility and ease-of-use. They are well-suited to a variety of machine vision illumination applications in robotics, logistics, biomedical, food & beverage, automotive, 3D, pharmaceutical, packaging, cosmetics, and many others. 

EFFLIUX series lights are available in all sizes, from small precision to large area flood lights. They cover all wavelength ranges from UV to SWIR, including options for hyperspectral and multispectral. These lights are suitable for all camera types and can be supplied with protection ratings up to IP69K. Both standard and build-to-order products are available for rapid delivery. 

EFFILUX has a strong R&D team and has delivered many innovative solutions to the industry. They also specialize in custom products for OEM customers with dedicated functionality. EFFILUX products are sold worldwide with a dedicated support team in the US to support applications in North America. 

The EFFILUX family of solutions includes LED bar lights, LED ring lights, 3D pattern projectors, Short Wave Infrared LED lights, and LED Lighting for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging

EFFI-FLEX LED bar lights offer flexible bright and dark field illumination depending on the number of lights used and the installation position and angle with respect to the workpiece in order to get the optimal image. They are field configurable for beam width and level of diffusion, with attachable polarizer, line scan filter and cylindrical lens rounding out the options. Available in single and dual row, 4 quadrant, mini, backlight, IP67, and even IP69K for full wash down.

directional powerful led bar lights for machine vision inspection and quality control

Applications for EFFI-FLEX LED bar lights include:

  • Most machine vision applications with large field of view.
  • Robotics
  • Logistics
effi-flex led lighting high power bar directly or darkfield or backlight for machine vision applications and quality controleffi-flex ip67 waterproof led bar for quality control and machine vision applicationsEffi-smart powerful dual row LED light for machine vision applicationseffi-flex-bl is bar type LED backlight for machine vision and quality control with linescan cameraeffi-square is 4 quadrants bar lights for machine vision and quality controlEFFI-LSBR is small LED bar light for machine vision and quality controlEFFI-LSBR-030-2 is mini LED bar light for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-RING Ring lights are commonly used to produce darkfield, diffused or directional lighting to illuminate objects in a uniform way. Shadows can be significantly reduced by placing it almost parallel to the camera.

EFFI-Ring configurable and high-power LED ring light for machine vision and quality control applications.EFFI-SRING compact and flexible LED Ring light for imachine vision applications and quality controlEffi-RLSW Near-axis High Angle LED Ring Light for machine vision and quality control applicationsEffi-RLSW Off-axis Low Angle LED Ring Light for machine vision and quality control applicationsEFFI-RLLA square Off-axis Low Angle LED Ring Light for machine vision and quality control applicationsEFFI-RLSQ square Near-axis High Angle Square LED Ring Light for machine vision and quality control applications

EFFILUX 3D pattern projector is a LED-based structured pattern projector. It offers similar qualities as laser sources in terms of accuracy, power and homogeneity, yet eliminates the disadvantages of laser sources, such as pattern speckle and sharpness, eye safety, lifetime issues. This 3D pattern projector is ideal for 3D reconstruction, stereovision and alignment applications thanks to the powerful and accurate patterns such as : line, cross, cloud of dots, etc.

EFFI-Lase Alternative laser no speckle so more accurate.

Advantages over laser-based solutions includes:

  • High accuracy without speckle
  • Eye safety
  • Compatible with C-Mount lenses
  • Various choices of standard masks
  • Homogeneity > 80 %

Applications for EFFILUX 3D pattern projectors include:

  • 3D profilometry                    
  • Stereovision
  • Alignment
EFFI-Lase LED lighting structured pattern or pattern projector for alignment, 3D profilometry and stereovision.EFFI-Lase-V2 new generation LED lighting structured pattern projector or pattern for alignment, 3D profilometry and stereovision.Effilux EFFI-Lase V3 Powerful High Precision Structured Lighting LED Pattern Projector

Short Wave InfraRed LED lights use the spectral band typically defined between 1 and 2.5 μm. On the boundary between visible and thermal imaging, this light field has unique properties.

Its proximity to the visible range gives it all its imaging qualities in terms of contrast and resolution, and at the same time its infrared spectrum allows it to reveal phenomena and elements invisible to human eye, including:

  • Control in transmission of opaque materials (plastics, silicon, etc.)
  • Reveal elements like water, liquid, collagen, etc.
  • See through smoke, fog and dust, day and night.
EFFI-Sharp-SWIR V2 highly powerful, homogenous and focused short or long distance LED projector for industrial vision and quality controlEFFI-Sharp-SWIR HOP highly powerful, homogenized and focused short or long distance LED projector for industrial vision and quality control

Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging technology in machine vision that integrates conventional imaging with spectroscopy. An enormous range of new applications for image processing in the visible-NIR region of the spectrum are now possible using this technique.

LED spectrum of Effilux HSI range for hyperspectral imaging

The HSI range, developed in close collaboration with hyperspectral camera manufacturers, offers spectra that are suitable for multispectral and hyperspectral applications, from 400nm to 1700nm, such as:

  • Identify chemical compositions in the food industry
  • Detect foreign contaminants or materials
  • Optical sorting of waste, plastics
  • Pharmaceutical inspection
  • Metrology and calibration of sensors
Effilux Hyperspectral visible-NIR LED bar light for hyperspectral imagingEffilux Hyperspectral visible-NIR LED projector for hyperspectral imagingEffilux Hyperspectral visible-NIR LED flat dome light for hyperspectral imaging

Those are just examples of the solutions that EFFILUX has to offer. Combine them with the extensive CCS product family, as well as our Solutions Partner Gardasoft’s products for advanced lighting control, and you can satisfy every requirement to assure a successful machine vision installation.

For more detailed information and to discuss your specific requirements and challenges, contact GlobalAutoID.