You cannot wait the pandemic out.

Businesses and industries are adapting to what our world is now. New opportunities are being found, new connections made, new revenue streams explored.

GlobalAutoID is a valuable resource for identifying and developing those opportunities, connections, and new revenue streams.

Who We Are

We are experts in data acquisition, vision, and automation solutions.

Global Automation & Identification Group is led by Michael Cizek, a Senior Business Development Consultant with over 40 years of experience in the Data Acquisition and Vision Solutions industry, including various senior sales management positions at the regional, national, and international level.

We leverage our group’s relationships with solutions providers and decades of acquired industry connections and experience to provide data, insights, and curation of news and trends that solutions buyers need, in order to decide which solutions are best for their business.

Why We Are Here

Our mission is to be the best information resource for businesses seeking data acquisition and vision solutions for anywhere in their manufacturing process and supply chain.

Consulting Services

What We Do

Global Automation and Identification Group has many years of designing and implementing Auto ID and Vision solutions for a wide variety of industries. These include automotive, aerospace, electronics/semiconductor, and life sciences. Applications experience includes logistics, track trace and  control, “cradle to grave” traceability, and anti-counterfeiting & product diversion.

How We Do It

  • We develop productive relationships between manufacturers and value added resellers such as System Integrators, Distributors, and Reps.
  • We develop strategic relationships between manufacturers, VAR’s, and major global customers.
  • We offer strategies for bringing products to market.
  • We develop application requirements definitions.

Who We Work With

If your company manufactures or distributes anything, GlobalAutoID has knowledge and experience that will benefit you.

If your company sells products, you have a supply chain.  GlobalAutoID has solutions and connections to make that supply chain faster, safer, and more secure.

Our current and past engagements with both solutions sellers and solutions buyers include:

  • Production control and component traceability for a consumer electronics industry leader
  • Traceability for a top storage drive manufacturer
  • Lifetime parts and component traceability for aerospace manufacturers
  • Merchandise tracking solutions for many companies
  • Workflow management & lifetime traceability for the top automotive manufacturers
  • Anti-counterfeiting and diversion solutions  for consumer goods, aerospace, automotive
  • IVD tracking and traceability for a leading life sciences manufacturer
  • Package verification solutions for many US and international companies
  • Automated warehouse solutions 
  • Manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry       

The Next Step is Yours

Working with Global Automation & Identification Group will return immediate insights and advice. The sooner you connect with us, the sooner we can help.

Now is especially a good time to reach out to us, before your company closes out its plans for next year’s budgeting. Let GlobalAutoID give you information, ideas, and connections that can fundamentally impact what your company spends on next year, and help make sure that the budgetary priorities line up with maximum revenue potential.

We look forward to hearing from you. Visit to get started.

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Global Automation and Identification Group

Experts in data acquisition, vision, and automation solutions