Supply Chain Security Solutions

Counterfeiting, illegal diversion, and the gray market are all threats to the overall health of a company’s supply chain, the value of their brand, and ultimately profit margins and shareholder returns. GlobalAutoID works with their members to make available innovative and effective supply chain security solutions that address the gaps and oversights that are exploited for illegal gain.


Estimates put the global annual cost of counterfeit products at hundreds of billions of dollars. It is a problem that impacts almost all industries – automotive and aeronautics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, and more.

GlobalAutoID Solutions Partner iTrace Technologies works with Mecco, CCS America, and other GlobalAutoID members to develop and implement track and trace that combats product counterfeiting.

GlobalAutoID is ready to help.

Global Automation & Identification Group consults on supply chain security, as well as any other needs or challenges a company may have with its manufacturing, storage, and distribution processes. GlobalAutoID puts together custom and comprehensive solutions for a company’s unique needs, working with its members and other expert vendors and suppliers that are top in their respective fields.

Our Anti-Counterfeiting Members

For over 10 years, iTRACE Technologies has been the leading provider of fingerprint/Unique Identity (UID) solutions for cost-effectively guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of products with secure track and trace.

CCL Design Authentication is a specialist security solution integrator, offering unique security designs and features, to help brand owners protect against counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation.

GlobalAutoID’s collection of members have
marking, lighting, RFID, vision, software, and supporting hardware applications that
tie together to combat anti-counterfeiting.

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