Industrial Solutions by iTRACE Technologies

GlobalAutoID’s Solution Partner, iTRACE Technologies, specializes in Brand Protection and Product Security. Their patented technology enables customers to police their brands, prevent diversion, cut-off the grey market supply, and easily identify counterfeiting. iTRACE 2DMI protects the actual product — not just the packaging or label — allowing manufacturers, packagers, & distributors to create a secure, permanent connection between every item and the Blockchain.

Counterfeiting is big business and has now spread into areas like Industrial, Automotive, Defense and Aerospace which can carry serious health and safety implications. iTRACE Technologies patented 2DMI marking technology can be applied to almost any material, including stainless steel, plastics, aluminum, and polished metals. Virtually any sub-assembly part can be marked, even screw heads and rivets down to 100 microns to provide ultimate security and enable a low-cost method for authentication.

iTRACE Technologies 2DMI mark can be utilized throughout the entire supply chain. providing product authentication and aiding gray market and diversion detection.

Utilizing industry standard laser engravers, printers and label makers, iTRACE Technologies 2DMI mark integrates seamlessly with current processes and requires minimal overhead. Authentication makes use of lower cost conventional tools. keeping distributors, brand owners, retailers and regulatory officials engaged.

iTRACE Technologies 2DMI mark maintains its encryption on even the smallest of surfaces and locations, and can be placed discretely or openly as a deterrent to counterfeiters, and on almost any surface using common production techniques and read with everyday technology. Marks as small as 100 microns can provide an encrypted, unbreakable, Unique Identity solution with limitless applications.


To learn more about iTRACE Technologies’ 2DMI and how fits into a comprehensive offering of customized solutions presented by Global Automation & Identification Group, contact us.