US Senator urges chipmakers to help keep their chips out of Russian weapons [Reuters]

“The companies ‘have the capacity to trace and track those components well enough to do something more’, Blumenthal, chair of the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, said at the hearing looking into how U.S. chipmakers are complying with export restrictions imposed after Russia’s invasion in February 2022.”

From the Reuters article

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Video: Benefits of a Modern Warehouse

Siskin Steel & Supply Company describes how Barcom’s solutions for identifying and locating materials increased efficiencies, reduced staff training time, and augmented analytic data.

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Streamline business processes and increase productivity with data collection automation and business mobility solutions that improve operating efficiency in your warehouse, out in the field or on the factory floor.

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Why fabric fraud is so easy to hide

Data on the true extent of textile fraud worldwide is hard to come by, but there are indications that the problem extends further than a few isolated incidents.

From the BBC article

This in-depth article from the BBC describes how widespread the lies when it comes to the origin of the material in clothing, if the material was recycled as labeled, if the material was honestly certified organic, etc.

Noted are several possible applications manufacturers and distributors could adopt, including a blockchain-based tracking of goods.

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Five Ways To Profit Off Of Brand Protection

“Hopefully, by educating more brands on the profit potential of brand protection and high ROI, companies will see the importance of prioritizing these measures to protect them and their customers from fraud.”

From the Forbes article

In this article on, Keith Goldstein, President and COO of VerifyMe, explains the ROI of brand protection, and how track & trace technology is first and foremost in a brand protection initiative.

5 Questions to Ask About a Jewelry Brand’s Eco Credentials

Traceability is the secret to genuine sustainability, both socially and environmentally…

From the ELLE article

Information transparency, verified precious metal sourcing, verified diamond sourcing, carbon footprint, impact on the local community – jewelry customers want to know more about their purchases and rest assured that what they’re wearing was ethically supplied. That assurance can come from good policies paired with the right technology.

RFID Tag Costs Are Dropping

“Reaching the low cost of 5 cents per tag has been a mission for the industry for a decade or more, with the view that only that minimal cost would make the tagging of products in high volumes affordable”

From the RFID JOURNAL article

Anti-Grey-Market and Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Supply Chains from Honeywell and iTRACE

Honeywell is working with iTRACE Technologies, Inc., GlobalAutoID’s Solution Partner and a leading provider of supply chain security applications for anti-grey market and anti-counterfeit, to integrate product verification technology with industrial printers to provide real time verification, authentication and track-and-trace of printed labels.